The Ugly Truth About Analog Joystick Module

On this lesson we will reveal tips on how to hook up a Joystick. The easiest way to think about a joystick is to think of it as two impartial potentiometer. Relocating the joystick left and appropriate improvements one particular potentiometer, and moving the joystick up and down modifications the opposite potentiometer. Also, pressing the knob to the joystick will activate an easy on/off change. In this video clip we show you ways to hook the joystick up, after which provide you with code that will assist you to go through within the potentiometers along with the swap.


Analog joysticks are a terrific way to increase some Management with your tasks. With this tutorial

We're going to learn how to make use of the analog joystick module. Element Essential:


one x ZY UNO R3

one x Joystick module

5 x File-M wires (Feminine to Male DuPont wires)

Element Introduction


The module has 5 pins: VCC, Floor, X, Y, Vital. Take Analog Joystick Module note the labels on yours may be

a bit various, based upon in which you received the module from. The thumb adhere is

analog and may present a lot more exact readings than simple ‘directional’ joysticks

tact use some sorts of buttons, or mechanical switches. Also, you could push

the joystick down (rather tricky on mine) to activate a ‘press to pick’ force-button. We have to use analog Arduino pins to go through the data from the X/Y pins, in addition to a digital

pin to browse the button. The true secret pin is connected to ground, if the joystick is

pressed down, and is floating in any other case. To receive secure readings in the Important /Find

pin, it should be connected to VCC by using a pull-up resistor. The in-built resistors on

the Arduino digital pins can be used.